Preventing Electrical Malfunctions At Home

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March 27, 2019
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March 28, 2019

Preventing Electrical Malfunctions At Home

One of the most common causes of residential fire are electrical malfunctions. Unfortunately, these cases could have been highly preventable given the right electrical practices at home. Several of these issues stem from improper electrical wiring. Moreover, a fire or any other electrical accident do not just happen in an instant. There are actually a lot of signs around the house that can be addressed in order to make it more fire-proof.

Here are some of the doable things to do or avoid in order to keep the electrical system safe and functional.

  • DO use extension wires sparingly

We understand how tempting it is to use extension wires at all times, given the convenience it offers. We have learned to plug our gadgets and even appliances not where they should, but from where they are most accessible for us at a time – thus the need for extension wires. Through time, it is inevitable for a house to end up with too many extension wires, risking the entire household to possible short circuit, busted outlets, and yes, even fire. While its totally safe to use extension wires, it is also important to simply use this when totally necessary, and not make it as a permanent extension of your existing outlets. Should there be a need for more outlets, contact an electrician to do this for you.

  • DO turn off or unplug appliance and gadgets where outlets are hot

Hot outlets and switch plates can be an early sign of electrical wiring troubles. This is something that can be easily overlooked since we do not always check the outlet and switch plates the moment we plug in something. But the moment you notice something getting warm aside from that thing you are charging, it is time to call a professional electrician to check your electrical wirings. But in the immediate term, make sure to unplug or switch of whatever’s plugged in the soonest possible time to prevent any further damage.

  • DO check for any unusual odor from the outlet

If you have just plugged in something, especially those primarily made of plastic, it is normal to smell it on your first few plugs, and should not be a cause for worry. What you need to be on the look out for is when you notice the smell coming out from the outlet, regardless of what you are actually plugging. If this happens, stop using the outlet for something until it gets checked by a professional electrician.

These are some of the ordinary things that happen around the house. They are so ordinary that most of us already fail to notice them until the condition actually becomes worse. It’s important to be more aware of the electrical system in the house, and how to properly use them in order to prevent any fire resulting from faulty wiring.

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